Skyros is a bit secluded from the other islands of Sporades, but it is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, beautiful beaches and rich historical legacy. The capital, called Skyros Town or Chora, is built on a steep hill atop which sits a Byzantine Castle and an ancient acropolis, famous in Greek mythology as the place where the sea nymph Thetis hid his son, the famous Achilles, to prevent him from taking part in the Trojan War.

Skyros island, many parts of it still remain totally unspoilt. The traditional way of life and the pristine beauties of nature have seen little of human interference. So, whether you are walking along a typical street, or whether you are swimming in one of the many deserted coves that you have all to yourself, Skyros is a wonderful vacation in the lap of nature.

In every sense, Skyros island is a beach lover’s paradise. Most beach resorts have tiny coastal hamlets that offer accommodation options and a host of tourist facilities. Molos is among the most popular beaches of Skyros island with its fine sands and emerald water. Kalamitsa, a lovely coastal hamlet about 9 km from Skyros Town stretches toward a picturesque open bay which is a paradise for windsurfers.

The northern part of Skyros island has many beautiful beaches in a tranquil setting of cypress trees. There are many impressive beaches that make for a perfect beach holiday, like Linaria, Atsitsa and Agios Pefkos, all of which are set in idyllic locations and lined with fish tavernasand family studios.